Monday, 19 September 2011

Couple Taking a Walk on their Date in the Fall!
I've always liked the fall. Change is in the air as weather turns from sunny afternoons to blustery, stormy, rainy days; leaves change color and fall to the earth, we break out our favorite scarves and sweaters, and kids head back to school for another year. But what I think I like most is the emotions it stirs up. They're not joyful and exciting like spring, but deeper feelings of melancholy and even some mystery as we prepare for the coming winter. Fall is a time to just be with your partner and keep each other comforted and warm.

And with a new season comes a whole new batch of dates!

Leaf-peeping? Yeah, I know, kind of a silly name, but it's an easy way to say "go out and explore the bright colors of the autumn leaves!" Which, by the way, is an excellent way to spend a fall afternoon with your date. Enjoy the scenery with a relaxing drive, riding bikes, hiking, picnicking, a walk, or even off-roading - anything that gets you outside to appreciate the fall foliage before winter sets in.

Festivals and Fairs
Fall arrives with all kinds of harvest festivals for autumn crops like pumpkins and apples, along with Oktoberfest, craft fairs, and other seasonal celebrations. These are fun events to check out the local scene and taste some unusual foods. See the local papers or search online for events in your area.

Apple picking
Tis the season to harvest apples, and if you're lucky enough to have orchards nearby then head out for an afternoon of apple-picking and munching! You'll find that freshly-picked apples have a better flavor than the store-bought variety and picking them together is a lot of fun! Farms also usually offer a number of other seasonal, locally prepared foods for sale. Fresh apple butter anyone?

Football season is here so why not get in the spirit and call up some friends for a game of co-ed touch football! Afterward invite everyone back to your place for a slice of apple or pumpkin pie and a mug of hot cider! If you're not in the mood to get creamed on the football field then support your home team at a local high school, college, or pro game.

Photograph the Season
The fall foliage providese a beautiful backdrop for photos and the rosy cheeks you get while walking around in the cool air looking for shots will only make you look that much better! Sounds like a good time for a photo shoot to me!

Games by the Fire
Brighten up a cold, blustery day with a crackling fire, a pot of hot soup, and an afternoon of board or card games. Invite another couple over to join you and make it a double date!

Since Halloween is the big holiday of the season, I've written up a whole page of Halloween date ideas for your viewing pleasure.

A Stormy Walk on the Beach
Bundle up on a windy day and head down to the beach for a walk along the shore. You'll have the beach to yourself and get to enjoy the change-is-coming atmosphere that comes with a dark sky and stormy seas. Try to find a pier so that you can walk out to the end and get nervous about it holding up to the rough waters. Don't forget a thermos of hot drinks!

Homemade Fall Foods
Fall is the time for warm, satisfying comfort foods like hot soups or stews, apple or pumpkin pie, apple crisp, hot apple cider, apple cinnamon muffins, and pumpkin bread with butter. Spend time in a cozy kitchen together cooking up new autumn recipes from scratch!

The Last Bonfire
Snuggle up next to a fire at the beach, campground, or other spot outside. Enjoy, it's the last time you'll be able to do this until next year!

Hiking is not only a great way to enjoy the beautiful fall foliage but also get outside and really stretch your legs and appreciate nature one last time before the bad weather sets in. Bring the dogs!

Walk and Talk
Take a simple walk through the city, a local park, or any other scenic area with a hot cup or cocoa or coffee.

Random Thoughts

  • Rake leaves into a pile and jump in them or have a leaf fight!
  • Light a fire, make some hot cocoa and have a Halloween or Thanksgiving special marathon.
  • Put on your rain gear and go outside for some puddle-jumping!
  • Climb trees


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