Monday, 11 July 2011

First Dating Tips

Most man doesn't know how to behave when they meet a woman that they like, there are some first dating tips:

  • Women don't base their choices of men on how this guy pretty is. They choose the men they do because they feel a powerful alpha male.

  • It is impossible to change woman think different then it comes to attraction. You can't convince a woman to feel differently about you using logic; how I said, woman rely on male attraction, not on your nice face or gifts.

  • Guys are always doing things to obtain a woman's permission or approval, but this is mistake because women are not attracted by these types of men. This isn't mean that you must treat women badly, it means next: if you always try to get her approval for something, then your women actually get annoyed and she will not be interested in relations with you.

  • Don't try to buy she's predisposition to you with gifts at first dating, flowers are enough. First dating tips says: if you made gifts (especially expensive) at first date, then she subconsciously will think that this mean you are not sure in your powers and you have idea in your head that she don't likes you for who you are and you are trying to buy her attention with expensive gifts.

  • Another big man's mistake at first date is to sharing with her your feelings. This is because attractive women (we are going to date with cute girls, no?) are being approached in one way or another all the time. And this thing makes an attractive woman to run away from guy who starts saying that she is so pretty, cute, etc. Don't do this. Stay relaxed and she will get interested by you.

  • One of the most important thing is not to give up before things even gotten started, I mean that many people thinks that attractive woman are interested only in man with money (surely there are women who are interested only in this) but most of women are more interested in another traits of man (for example his personality, humor). Many times we saw really ugly man with pretty women – this is good example of man's trait that attracts like magnet all kind of women. And if you will learn what these traits are and how to use them, then you will get surely 100% success.

  • Dating tips for women

  • If you don't know how to flirt effectively and you are not having fun with the men that you are attracted to, it means you are seriously reducing your chances of attracting the right kind of guy you would like.

  • Try the occasional disagreement at speaking with man; this is far more attractive than speaking with someone who you agree with 100% of the time. This is a strategy of being a challenging woman then you don't just agree or accept everything he says. Be willing to call him out on opinions you don't agree with him and this really will create you more attractive and intelligent. But you must know then to stop, don't overdo it.

  • First dating tips says that if you a speaking with man and you fell he becomes bored you may try to build a little sexual tension with a man, the simple and effective way is to tell him that you can't resist men who wears that jacket, shoes (something else); or you say you like the smell of his aftershave balsam.

  • Use playful touches to spike his attraction. Try always to think playful, rather than seductive. For example you can make a little touch on the back of the arm to point out something to him, or lightly touching his forearm if you make a serious point.

  • Make an impression you are having fun with your friends. Try to smile, have a good mood and try keeping good eye contact with a guy but don't come across as your unique intention is to pick up guys. As a result of your energy, you will naturally get guys attention.


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