Monday, 11 July 2011

Some dating tips for guys should be called obvious dating tips for guy

Sweaty palms…upside down stomach…fast beating heart…uncontrollable shaking. All symptoms of first date jitters, but of course, you know nothing about that…you’re cool calm collected.

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Well at least that’s how you appear to your date. You’ve read up on first date tips and know what you are doing. You see your dating life all flashing before you (or lack there of), and you think back to what you’ve learned and you bring back your heart rate down and ease those nerves because you know you’re prepared. You understand how to create a sexual tension moment, be as cool as the other side of the pillow, creative and unpredictable, and most importantly to have fun and to be fun.

When the night ends, you’re date will be searching ‘fun’ in the dictionary only to see your beautiful mug as the definition of. This article is here to help you make a lasting impression on your first date, making her wish the first lasts forever.

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This is something you do probably only once or twice when on your first date. You should do this when you are in a deep conversation, preferably over dinner or coffee. First off making great eye contact throughout the night is key when wanting to make a great impression. At some point during your deep conversation, look into her eyes for “too long”, and what I mean by that is to just keep staring as to making a bit of an awkward moment. This will create some sexual tension between you too which is a good thing.

To keep your date in a good and upbeat mood, don’t complain on your first date. Don’t complain to your waiter or about your food in a rude manner. If you must complain about something, do it very politely as to make sure she knows you aren’t annoyed or frazzled at the situation. A girl loves to be pleased and it will be difficult if you have many needs yourself.

If she can see that you get easily frustrated at things, she may not believe you’ll be able to take care of her when you have to attend to your needs. This brings me to my next point, make sure your date is not too complicated.

Be creative when selecting what to do on your date, but don’t make it too complicated. Try to plan as few as places to go as to not bring about any unforeseen problems. A nice class would be fun and entertaining such as a wine tasting class or food tasting class. A movie at the park is also fun and probably something your date rarely had the chance to experience. Remember wherever you plan your date, have fun!

Some dating tips for guys should be called obvious dating tips for guys. Be as much fun as you can. However, don’t try too hard, be yourself. Keep an upbeat attitude and stay cool throughout the night. You want your date to think to herself, “Wow this guy has such a great outlook on life, I wonder what’s going on his life that has him in such a positive mood? I want to get to know him better.”

If you are on the mindset that you are having fun and that the date is going well, it’ll show and your date will have fun and she’ll believe that the date is going well. It’s all about setting a great tone and attitude for your date!

Making a great first impression is something everybody to achieve on a first date. Even if you feel nervous and all you want to do is go back home where it’s safe, the most important thing to do is to not show it. Remember these first date tips when you are on your date.

Be the confident and collected man your date needs you to be! Enjoy!


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