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Romantic involvement during the teenage years

Romantic involvement during the teenage years is different that at any other time in a person’s life. First of all, it is perhaps the most exciting time to date because of the novelty of it all, but it is also a time when respect and boundaries are most crucial to preserve a bit of childhood innocence through adolescence. That said, the best teenage dating tip one can offer is to have fun. Don’t take yourself or your date too seriously or you’ll wind up spending the better part of the night worried about how you’re being perceived instead of taking that time to really get to know the person you’re with.
Go on a Day Date
While it’s traditional to go out on a Friday night, a date during the day might help to relieve some of the pressure associated with first dates. Have lunch instead of dinner and go mini-golfing instead of to a movie. Aside from the fact that sunlight automatically raises the general mood of an outing, this will offer you a chance to actually interact with your date and put all those hard-studied teenage dating tips to good use. This would be impossible to accomplish in a movie theater. How can you win someone over with your smile in the dark?
Avoid Group Dates
Contrary to the recycled teenage dating tips about group dates, they actually may not be the best choice for a new relationship. Your attention is divided among other people in the group and your date may not feel comfortable behaving the same way in a large group that they would if you were alone. This means your missing out on an opportunity to see how you function as a couple and simply losing each other in the crowd. The date may become more like a group of friends than a date which, if you’re making the effort to seek teenage dating tips to begin with, is obviously not what you want.
Get Active!
Exercise releases chemicals in the body called endorphins, which improve your mood measurably. By building physical activity into your date, you are thereby assuring that your date associates you with that positive outlook. Whether it’s a game of tennis, roller skating, or laser tag, anything that gets the blood flowing increases the likelihood of sparks flying. A flushed and genuine smiling face will serve you better than memorizing a long list of teenage dating tips, because the real you will get a chance to shine through.

First Dating Tips

Most man doesn't know how to behave when they meet a woman that they like, there are some first dating tips:

  • Women don't base their choices of men on how this guy pretty is. They choose the men they do because they feel a powerful alpha male.

  • It is impossible to change woman think different then it comes to attraction. You can't convince a woman to feel differently about you using logic; how I said, woman rely on male attraction, not on your nice face or gifts.

  • Guys are always doing things to obtain a woman's permission or approval, but this is mistake because women are not attracted by these types of men. This isn't mean that you must treat women badly, it means next: if you always try to get her approval for something, then your women actually get annoyed and she will not be interested in relations with you.

  • Don't try to buy she's predisposition to you with gifts at first dating, flowers are enough. First dating tips says: if you made gifts (especially expensive) at first date, then she subconsciously will think that this mean you are not sure in your powers and you have idea in your head that she don't likes you for who you are and you are trying to buy her attention with expensive gifts.

  • Another big man's mistake at first date is to sharing with her your feelings. This is because attractive women (we are going to date with cute girls, no?) are being approached in one way or another all the time. And this thing makes an attractive woman to run away from guy who starts saying that she is so pretty, cute, etc. Don't do this. Stay relaxed and she will get interested by you.

  • One of the most important thing is not to give up before things even gotten started, I mean that many people thinks that attractive woman are interested only in man with money (surely there are women who are interested only in this) but most of women are more interested in another traits of man (for example his personality, humor). Many times we saw really ugly man with pretty women – this is good example of man's trait that attracts like magnet all kind of women. And if you will learn what these traits are and how to use them, then you will get surely 100% success.

  • Dating tips for women

  • If you don't know how to flirt effectively and you are not having fun with the men that you are attracted to, it means you are seriously reducing your chances of attracting the right kind of guy you would like.

  • Try the occasional disagreement at speaking with man; this is far more attractive than speaking with someone who you agree with 100% of the time. This is a strategy of being a challenging woman then you don't just agree or accept everything he says. Be willing to call him out on opinions you don't agree with him and this really will create you more attractive and intelligent. But you must know then to stop, don't overdo it.

  • First dating tips says that if you a speaking with man and you fell he becomes bored you may try to build a little sexual tension with a man, the simple and effective way is to tell him that you can't resist men who wears that jacket, shoes (something else); or you say you like the smell of his aftershave balsam.

  • Use playful touches to spike his attraction. Try always to think playful, rather than seductive. For example you can make a little touch on the back of the arm to point out something to him, or lightly touching his forearm if you make a serious point.

  • Make an impression you are having fun with your friends. Try to smile, have a good mood and try keeping good eye contact with a guy but don't come across as your unique intention is to pick up guys. As a result of your energy, you will naturally get guys attention.

  • Some dating tips for guys should be called obvious dating tips for guy

    Sweaty palms…upside down stomach…fast beating heart…uncontrollable shaking. All symptoms of first date jitters, but of course, you know nothing about that…you’re cool calm collected.

    Click Here for Michael Webb's Creative Date Ideas(Oprah Approved)

    Well at least that’s how you appear to your date. You’ve read up on first date tips and know what you are doing. You see your dating life all flashing before you (or lack there of), and you think back to what you’ve learned and you bring back your heart rate down and ease those nerves because you know you’re prepared. You understand how to create a sexual tension moment, be as cool as the other side of the pillow, creative and unpredictable, and most importantly to have fun and to be fun.

    When the night ends, you’re date will be searching ‘fun’ in the dictionary only to see your beautiful mug as the definition of. This article is here to help you make a lasting impression on your first date, making her wish the first lasts forever.

    Click Here for Oprah’s Expert Creative and Inexpensive Date Ideas

    This is something you do probably only once or twice when on your first date. You should do this when you are in a deep conversation, preferably over dinner or coffee. First off making great eye contact throughout the night is key when wanting to make a great impression. At some point during your deep conversation, look into her eyes for “too long”, and what I mean by that is to just keep staring as to making a bit of an awkward moment. This will create some sexual tension between you too which is a good thing.

    To keep your date in a good and upbeat mood, don’t complain on your first date. Don’t complain to your waiter or about your food in a rude manner. If you must complain about something, do it very politely as to make sure she knows you aren’t annoyed or frazzled at the situation. A girl loves to be pleased and it will be difficult if you have many needs yourself.

    If she can see that you get easily frustrated at things, she may not believe you’ll be able to take care of her when you have to attend to your needs. This brings me to my next point, make sure your date is not too complicated.

    Be creative when selecting what to do on your date, but don’t make it too complicated. Try to plan as few as places to go as to not bring about any unforeseen problems. A nice class would be fun and entertaining such as a wine tasting class or food tasting class. A movie at the park is also fun and probably something your date rarely had the chance to experience. Remember wherever you plan your date, have fun!

    Some dating tips for guys should be called obvious dating tips for guys. Be as much fun as you can. However, don’t try too hard, be yourself. Keep an upbeat attitude and stay cool throughout the night. You want your date to think to herself, “Wow this guy has such a great outlook on life, I wonder what’s going on his life that has him in such a positive mood? I want to get to know him better.”

    If you are on the mindset that you are having fun and that the date is going well, it’ll show and your date will have fun and she’ll believe that the date is going well. It’s all about setting a great tone and attitude for your date!

    Making a great first impression is something everybody to achieve on a first date. Even if you feel nervous and all you want to do is go back home where it’s safe, the most important thing to do is to not show it. Remember these first date tips when you are on your date.

    Be the confident and collected man your date needs you to be! Enjoy!


    Be creative.
    Take a little time to think it through.

    A three-hour date with a movie that lasts two and a half-hours is not a good way to get acquainted.

    Then again, you don't want to be stuck staring at each other without a topic of conversation.

    A daytime meeting takes the heat off.

    Lunch or coffee is a good start
    (If you want to checkout a local spot to meet for lunch, you can go to, enter your zip code and get ratings for restaurants in your area.)

    Even better - a trip to the zoo.

    Plenty of topics for discussion without having to deal with issues like: "What happened to your last relationship?"
    And you can avoid the usual casual chit-chat like:

    "My wife is still missing."

    "I met my first boyfriend on the prison bus."

    Yada. Yada. Yada.


    Clothing is not optional.

    Wear clothes that make you feel good.

    New clothes always help - but if not new, be sure they're clean, pressed, and fit well - or if that's not your style - be sure they fit whatever way makes you feel the most comfortable and still look presentable.

    Help the Other Person Feel Comfortable

    Find something nice about your date and compliment her or him.

    But mean it. Don't just say, "Nice shoes, Gladys."

    "Swell belt, Ralph."

    Let's review.

    Find something nice. If it's painfully difficult to come up with something that you sincerely like about the person, you shouldn't be out with them in the first place.

    Manners and/or Kindness

    Thank the other person for the date - always, without exception.
    Good manners are still in style. Well, not necessarily good manners - but common sense. Human kindness. That sort of thing is always in style.

    Focus on the Other Person - pay attention to your date.
    No wandering eyes. No preoccupation with old relationships, work, bank robberies.
    Be THERE.

    Listen actively to what your date says.
    Don't interrupt. While your date is talking, don't spend time thinking about what you're going to say when it's your turn.

    Attitudes and Habits - stay positive.
    Don't complain on a first date.
    Be cautious about alcohol - if you drink heavily, you're not going to be at your best.
    If your date gets swacked on your first date, it's not necessarily due to nervousness.
    He or she is likely to be a heavy-drinker, at best, and could end up drooling on your new, pressed clothes as you shovel him or her into a cab.

    Date ideas for the week:

    Take a class together.
    Or cut to the chase with a massage class.

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    5 Dating Apps For People With No Shame

    5 Dating Apps For People With No Shame

    It's no surprise that a small percentage of the thousands of apps available for the iPhone are targeted at those involved in the world of dating. Most are predictable, but a few are offbeat enough to deserve a mention and maybe even a download should you have little-to-no shame. Please don't blame us for any resulting mishaps; we're only responsible for getting you the date in the first place.

    1. The Girlfriend Keeper

    The Girlfriend Keeper

    The Girlfriend Keeper app is essentially an automated boyfriend, developed to ensure that you contact your girlfriend as much as you should. You notify it of your relationship's seriousness, apply a contact frequency and then choose texts, emails or both to be sent to your partner. Your girlfriend will then receive messages such as, "Diana, You have the prettiest green eyes I could ever imagine, I can't believe we have been dating for 1 year and 53 days. -Evan". The risk factor is high, unless you genuinely do possess the writing style of a robot.

    2. My Little Black Book

    My Little Black Book

    My Little Black Book is exactly as you'd imagine: a digital black book. It's even openly marketed at 'players'. As with the iPhone's standard address book, each contact - be it a potential or existing date - is given his or her own profile and after dates have taken place you can then rate the venue or person, attach related photos, or make general notes such as 'Must ignore his calls in future'. Eventually your iPhone will contain an enormous database of hits and misses, all securely protected by a pin number.

    3. Date Check

    Date Check

    Are you extremely paranoid? Do you ever wish it was easier to run background checks on potential dates before deciding on your next move? Enter DateCheck, a rather creepy but fascinating app that does exactly that should you provide it with basic information such as name and date of birth. Within minutes, and after parting with money for certain fees, you will know his or her criminal history, living situation, and even net worth. By the time you get to the date you'll feel incredibly safe but won't have any questions left which need answering.

    4. Date Escape

    Date Escape

    Most of us have experienced that point in the evening when the date is clearly not working for one reason or another, the awkward silences are now frequently deafening, and all you want is the green light to go home and watch TV. Date Escapeaims to assist with that moment, but in a completely immature fashion which will do your reputation - should you have one - no favours. Simply press (or 'punch') the heart and up will pop an excuse sure to disgust or disappoint your date. The excuse shown in the picture above is a fairly good indication of the joys to come. It's free at least.

    5. Excuse Me

    Excuse Me

    Just as cowardly as Date Escape, but rather more tactful, isExcuse Me, an app designed to give you a seemingly legitimate opportunity to escape a bad date. All you need to do is choose a countdown using the screen seen above and then wait for your ring-tone to sound. Of course the phone won't actually be ringing, but your date won't be able to tell, especially since a fake woman's/man's voice will be heard on the other end. You can then make your excuses and leave.

    This article was written by Shaun Usher, a blogger from Manchester. The views expressed in it are his and do not necessarily match those of


    The World's Most Romantic Photobooth Snaps

    I don't know about you but I've become so used to seeing photobooths in supermarkets and shopping centres that, actually, I no longer see them. They're simply part of the background. For many people though, these little rooms have been the scene of countless important moments over the years and as a result hold some cherished memories. One such event is the marriage proposal. That's right – a growing number of men and women are choosing the trusty old photobooth as the perfect space in which to get down on bended knee and pop the question, and actually it's not difficult to see the appeal when faced with perfectly romantic, surprise-filled sets of photos like the ones below.

    Romantic photobooth snaps - Pic 1
    Image Source
    Above: In 2007, Will Norris got down on one knee in the very photobooth that marked his first date with girlfriend Elisabeth 18 months previous. As can be seen, she said yes.
    Romantic photobooth snaps - Pic 2
    Image Source
    Above: Keith Gaddis decided it to be the perfect proposal spot after remembering that he and girlfriend Barabara had a thing for photobooth pictures when they first dated. More backstory at Flickr.
    Romantic photobooth snaps - Pic 3
    Image Source
    Above: An excited Jenna Carlock reacts very positively to a surprise proposal. More important is that the dog is clearly delighted, in the first shot at least.
    Romantic photobooth snaps - Pic 4
    Image Source
    Above: A deliberately boring tour of four photobooths in 2007 ended with a surprise proposal from Michael Glasgow to his girlfriend Rhonda. It worked.
    Romantic photobooth snaps - Pic 5
    Image Source
    Above: The lovely story of Katie and Daniel's proposal last year can be read at their website, here.
    Romantic photobooth snaps - Pic 6
    Image Source
    Above: David got down on one knee in a photobooth in Nashville when proposing to Ashley. A print even came out at the end that read "Will you marry me?" More here.
    Romantic photobooth snaps - Pic 7
    Image Source
    Above: A photobooth proposal in San Diego, by David Pond.
    Romantic photobooth snaps - Pic 8
    Image Source
    Above: Says Angela of the proposal, "These are the pictures from when we got engaged. I have no idea in frames one and two and am really confused in frame three (lets never make that face again!) and really surprised in frame four."


    There are great single women everywhere. The reason you're not seeing any is because you're full of excuses and you don't want to work at it. "
    Do you live life thinking, “poor me”? Are you a guy who can come up with an excuse for just about everything you do (or don’t do) in your life?

    Here’s the scenario: You’ve been single for a while now, and you feel like there are no good women in your town. None at all. You feel like everywhere you go, women are married or they have a boyfriend. You feel like you just live in the wrong place. If only you lived in another city, you wouldn't be having this problem! You dream about moving to another city, and while you’re dreaming of moving to another city, you don't do a thing about meeting women in your city because all you see is taken women everywhere.
    Why You’re Not Meeting Single Women
    Let me tell you something: That is a bunch of bs. There are great single women everywhere. The reason you’re not seeing any is because you're full of excuses and you don't want to work at it. You don’t want to put yourself out there. You don't want to go out and meet women every single day, so what you do is you come up with your excuse -- and your excuse is that there are no good single women out there. That’s the game that you play with yourself. And you go about your day validating that excuse by only seeing and noticing the women who are married.

    “But, David,” you say, “you don’t live where I live. I really only see married people everywhere.” The whole world is not married, my friend. It’s selective perception on your part. It's kind of like the movie The Sixth Sense. He saw dead people; you see married people. The reason why you do this is because you don't actually want to do the work to go out there to network and to meet single women. You don’t want to put in the effort. You’re afraid it might not work out if you actually put yourself out there and give it a real shot.
    You’re Not Confident Enough To Approach Women
    I’ve been coaching men for so many years now. And you know what? It’s a common excuse. But in every guy I've met who's given me that excuse, I've uncovered a deeper excuse. And the real excuse is that you don't have the guts to go and talk to women. You come up with this excuse so it allows you to resort to your antisocial behavior. This is actually comforting to you because you don't have to try, you don't have to deal with rejection, you can keep your fragile ego intact, and you can blame everybody else for your lack of dates.

    The truth is that there are a ton of good single women everywhere. I have traveled the entire world, and I have never had trouble meeting single women. Why? Because I go out there and I talk to women. I have fun, I have a good time and I don't assume that there are no good single women left. My mindset was always right: that there are a ton of great single women out there who want to meet me, so I’m going to just go out there and give them that opportunity to meet somebody great! Life is all about mindset, and sometimes you just develop a defeatist attitude, which isn't the end of the world. It just means you have to work at it.


    Best friends talk about everything. There’s nothing you have to hide from your biffle. Dirty laundry and everything, your best friend will always be by your side.

    …At least that’s what we always hear.

    But there are some things that we just don’t want to talk about, even with our bestie. Some secrets are best kept bottled up inside, tucked away into a dark corner in our minds and never spoken of again, right? Riiiiight.

    So what are these things that we never want to share, you might ask? You know what I’m talking about. Click through for some reassurance on the secrets that make you squirm just thinking about ever mentioning to your best friend


    hate You Need To Know
    Don't be a chicken and try to get her to break up with you -- she won't.
    If you realize you don't love her and she loves you, end it.
    The longer you stay, the worse it becomes.
    "You have to figure out how to break up with a woman who's in love with you."

    In all of my years having been through so many different kinds of relationships, there’s one cardinal lesson I’ve learned about when they come to an end: Don’t be passive about breaking up with her.

    Most guys will at some point come across a dead-end relationship. He is ready for it to be over, ready to be free and single again, but she is still content in the relationship and committed to keeping it going. When his love for her fizzles out, a lot of guys will get into the following situation: He realizes that he doesn’t love her the same way that she loves him, and so he does anything he possibly can to get her to break up with him. He spends more and more of his time with his friends or at work instead of with her. His conversations with her become distant and emotionless. He complains about her incessantly. He becomes argumentative and purposely instigates fights with her. But this can be a slow and painful journey, because when a woman is in love, she tends to be stubborn and will do whatever she can to keep the relationship alive. Trying to get her to break up with you is the chicken way out and will just lead to complications. So learn how to break up with her.

    I have to admit, what I'm about to write is very personal to me because I've been down this road so many times before.

    You've met the girl you think is the perfect woman. She's perfect in so many ways, yet there's just something missing. Maybe you're not head-over-heels attracted to her, even though she's very beautiful. There's something that's just not right; it doesn’t click in the way that you want it to click. You can't figure it out, but you still think to yourself, "God she's great. She's fantastic. She treats me really well." And, after some time, you fall in love with her. But you're not head-over-heels in love. At the same time, however, she really starts to fall head-over-heels in love with you. She thinks you're so great that she wants to build a life with you.

    On paper, everything may look great, but you know that something is missing. It's almost like you can't put it into words or explain it to anybody because whenever you do, everybody tells you how amazing this woman is for you. All of your single friends tell you that they’d love to meet somebody that great. You agree with them but feel that there needs to be something more -- just something that feels more right.

    And so you're faced with one of the toughest decisions you'll ever have to make. You have to figure out how to break up with a woman who's in love with you. You go through the angst, the guilt. She’s treated you so well and given you so much that you don't want to hurt her. She’s not going to understand that you just need to be single again, and that you don't want to see anybody.

    You care about her so much that you don't want to see her get hurt if you end the relationship. But the truth of the matter is that you're actually hurting her a lot more by staying in the relationship. As you stay in the relationship hoping that it will die out or hoping that she will eventually break up with you, she is staying in the relationship hoping that you'll eventually turn the corner and love her back.


    We can be smart and funny and super cool around people who don't matter to us, but when someone who makes our heart beat faster comes within a one mile radius of us, most of us feel anything but cool…. Our face turn red, our words don't come out at all as we intend, and our typically bubbly personality turns into a dull fizz.

    So what do you do? How do you control what you feel you have no control over? Well, the answer's not to put an extra coat of deodorant on (though that couldn't hurt matters). Instead, investigate ways to let your mind take over when your body is failing you.

    Here’s the scenario:

    You see someone across the room and you know instantly - she's the hottest person your eyes have ever come across, and you must meet her. So you gather your courage, casually walk on over, and...s-s-s-st-st-a-m-m-e-r. Your face flushes, your pulse quickens and the thought of actually getting a single word out seems totally impossible. You, my friend, are shy - and you’re not alone.

    No matter how smart or sexy or confident we are, it’s likely that we’ve all experienced shyness at some point in our lives. The real problem arises when our shyness is so debilitating that we can’t overcome it and it actually stops us from moving forward. If that’s you - I’ve got two words for you: ”fake it!” (That, and pick up my book Date Out Of Your League for advice and tips on how to acquire confidence.)

    That’s right, I want you to fake it until you make it. How? By having pre-established ideas for how to approach that girl of your dreams. No spontaneity required, but they’ll never know (because you’ll have practiced and practiced until you have it down pat).

    The longstanding saying is true: cheaters never win. But believe me, fakers can succeed! To overcome shyness, sometimes you have to fake it until you make it. What do I mean by that? Come up with an image of the coolest, sexiest person in your mind, and ask yourself: How would they approach the object of your affection? What would they say? How would they act? Now follow suit and go through the motion.

    What? Do you think movie stars are naturally so mesmerizingly sexy and sauve since the minute they came out of the womb? No! It’s all an act—a very expensive act at that. Hollywood pays big bucks to make these onscreen hunks the object of women’s desires. It requires thousands of dollars of scripting, hair and make-up, designer clothes and publicists. It can costs Tinsel town millions of dollars to make someone “sexy”—but you don’t need millions of dollars. You simply need to role-play.

    In other words, you know you're funny and smart and charming, but until you can actually be that person in front of your boyfriend or girlfriend-to-be (hey, I'm being optimistic), put on an act. Just think of it as a temporary tool to help you get your foot in the door.

    Want specifics?

    My A number 1 tip for overcoming shyness and striking up a conversation with a woman: ask her opinion. That’s right – become an advice seeker. Women love it when you're interested in her – and specifically, in what she thinks. To do this well it pays to stay up to date on the news -- and even the tabloid gossip. Most women love gossip, and if you know a little -- but not too much to be suspiciously soap-opera audience material -- she'll love talking to you. The key is to decide what kind of image you want to project, then study up on the topics that support that image. In fact, if you really want to play it safe -- carry a “prop”, and keep in mind:

    -- Time Magazine projects a different image than someone reading Details or Esquire magazine.
    -- Wall Street Journal says you’re a guy on his way up the ladder – and The Robb Report , way up the ladder.
    -- People magazine or a tabloid will invite talk about gossip and celebrities, like, should Britney lose her kids?
    -- Ayn Rand is going to attract the poet, philosopher type of woman.
    -- A political autobiography will say you’re worldly, smart and current.

    Better yet, carry two entirely different types of magazines or books and ask her, “I'm torn -- which do you think I should start reading? This one or this one?”

    Here’s another scenario, using the same advice seeking technique…. Let’s pretend you’re in a clothing store and you see the cutest sales clerk. Here’s the perfect opportunity to use this technique. Ask her opinion on what you should get your mother or sister for their birthday. This allows you to strike up a conversation without obviously hitting on her, while simultaneously, indirectly, complimenting her… by letting it be known that you think she has good taste and you trust her opinion!

    Remember, within the dynamics of dating, you are the salesman and women are your customers. It is up to you to sell the product with such confidence that there's no way they wouldn't buy it (the "it" being YOU)! So take on the personality of a salesman. Feel inspired by your sexy icon. Role-play. What do you have to lose? Except that girl you can’t stop thinking about.

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    April Masini -- nicknamed "the new millennium's Dear Abby" by the media, is author of the best-selling books Date Out Of Your League and Think & Date Like A Man, the two (just released) step-by-step dating and relationship manuals, Ideas for a Fun Date and Romantic Date Ideas, and the critically acclaimed dating and relationship online magazine


    Sarah is notorious for setting her friends up, and it occurred to her that if we could all describe our single friends on a website, then they could all check each other out, cutting out the middleman, and extinguishing the stigma attached to online dating.

    Before came along, dating online was a lonely experience. The cringe factor of describing yourself to potential paramours was rather painful, and filling in endless sign-up pages, then paying through the teeth for unwanted features just added to the headache., the ibuprofen of internet dating, is here to change all that!

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    I hate it because in my mind, love cannot grow in an atmosphere of fear and distrust. You can not move forward in poland dating with one foot on the brake and one on the gas. What essentially happens in that case is you spin around in circles and do not really go anywhere. I think the thing that pains me the most in situations such as these is the impact that the guardedness has on honest and polish dating. When we are protective, we were really operating from a base of fear. We are afraid of rejection, we are afraid of putting single polish women out there, we are afraid of giving up the safety and familiarity of the known separate aloneness for the unknown. Poland brides long for and fear the possibility of love will bonds us soul to soul with another human being. Do not build a wall until you know what you are walling in and what you are walling out. There is no gain without change. Polish girls can not move forward if we arre standing still. There is no growth if things always remain as they have been. Holding onto the old and familiar and comfortable way of being or living is guaranteed to keep you stuck in a rut of loneliness and unhappiness. It would seem that single poland women want to be loved and to love another. So then, why is polish ladies afraid of love? It is true that this is a pain filled world in which we are living. Filled with loneliness, frustration, heartbreak, and emotional and spiritual starvation. We have all suffered rejection, coldness, and betrayal, which in turn cause poland girls to have scars of anxiety, insecurity, feelings of inferiority and unworthiness. Many polish brides suffer from serious personality disorders due to the previous pain and their inability to move past that pain to trust others and ourselves. It seems that most of us believe that the agonies suffered in the past can successfully predict the fears and agonies of the future. The negative result of this type of thinking where we spend most of our present time worrying about the past and the future, creates nothing but a vicious cycle of fear. Poland ladies could learn to love again if we let go of fear and stop projecting the hurtful past onto the unknown future. In order to open our hearts and love again, we need to stop anticipating that the future will be just like the past. We need to live in the here and experience the now.