Monday, 11 July 2011

Romantic involvement during the teenage years

Romantic involvement during the teenage years is different that at any other time in a person’s life. First of all, it is perhaps the most exciting time to date because of the novelty of it all, but it is also a time when respect and boundaries are most crucial to preserve a bit of childhood innocence through adolescence. That said, the best teenage dating tip one can offer is to have fun. Don’t take yourself or your date too seriously or you’ll wind up spending the better part of the night worried about how you’re being perceived instead of taking that time to really get to know the person you’re with.
Go on a Day Date
While it’s traditional to go out on a Friday night, a date during the day might help to relieve some of the pressure associated with first dates. Have lunch instead of dinner and go mini-golfing instead of to a movie. Aside from the fact that sunlight automatically raises the general mood of an outing, this will offer you a chance to actually interact with your date and put all those hard-studied teenage dating tips to good use. This would be impossible to accomplish in a movie theater. How can you win someone over with your smile in the dark?
Avoid Group Dates
Contrary to the recycled teenage dating tips about group dates, they actually may not be the best choice for a new relationship. Your attention is divided among other people in the group and your date may not feel comfortable behaving the same way in a large group that they would if you were alone. This means your missing out on an opportunity to see how you function as a couple and simply losing each other in the crowd. The date may become more like a group of friends than a date which, if you’re making the effort to seek teenage dating tips to begin with, is obviously not what you want.
Get Active!
Exercise releases chemicals in the body called endorphins, which improve your mood measurably. By building physical activity into your date, you are thereby assuring that your date associates you with that positive outlook. Whether it’s a game of tennis, roller skating, or laser tag, anything that gets the blood flowing increases the likelihood of sparks flying. A flushed and genuine smiling face will serve you better than memorizing a long list of teenage dating tips, because the real you will get a chance to shine through.


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