Monday, 11 July 2011


I hate it because in my mind, love cannot grow in an atmosphere of fear and distrust. You can not move forward in poland dating with one foot on the brake and one on the gas. What essentially happens in that case is you spin around in circles and do not really go anywhere. I think the thing that pains me the most in situations such as these is the impact that the guardedness has on honest and polish dating. When we are protective, we were really operating from a base of fear. We are afraid of rejection, we are afraid of putting single polish women out there, we are afraid of giving up the safety and familiarity of the known separate aloneness for the unknown. Poland brides long for and fear the possibility of love will bonds us soul to soul with another human being. Do not build a wall until you know what you are walling in and what you are walling out. There is no gain without change. Polish girls can not move forward if we arre standing still. There is no growth if things always remain as they have been. Holding onto the old and familiar and comfortable way of being or living is guaranteed to keep you stuck in a rut of loneliness and unhappiness. It would seem that single poland women want to be loved and to love another. So then, why is polish ladies afraid of love? It is true that this is a pain filled world in which we are living. Filled with loneliness, frustration, heartbreak, and emotional and spiritual starvation. We have all suffered rejection, coldness, and betrayal, which in turn cause poland girls to have scars of anxiety, insecurity, feelings of inferiority and unworthiness. Many polish brides suffer from serious personality disorders due to the previous pain and their inability to move past that pain to trust others and ourselves. It seems that most of us believe that the agonies suffered in the past can successfully predict the fears and agonies of the future. The negative result of this type of thinking where we spend most of our present time worrying about the past and the future, creates nothing but a vicious cycle of fear. Poland ladies could learn to love again if we let go of fear and stop projecting the hurtful past onto the unknown future. In order to open our hearts and love again, we need to stop anticipating that the future will be just like the past. We need to live in the here and experience the now.


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