Saturday, 30 January 2016

The change may happen very quickly, perhaps over the course of a couple days, or in many cases it could have taken much longer...
Either way, you did *something* that caused your lover to go into a state of uncertainty...   It could have been something you said that conflicted on a very deep level with your partner, and made them think you weren't worthy of their love and affection.
Figure 4. "The Switch" is a natural stage when one partner becomes unsure about the relationship. It could feel like they have become 'hot and cold' or 'moody'. And if something isn't done quickly, the relationship will eventually progress into the 'Drift' stage.
And when it happened, you might have felt like you were being 'tested' because your lover was no longer sure about being with you.
This stage is called "The Switch".   And when your relationship decays to this stage, your partner loses their 'Bliss Blindness' and becomes much more critical of your imperfections.
The actions your partner used tothink were cute or sweet have now become a major turn-off.
It might seem like the harder you try, the more distant your partner becomes.
What used to make your partner laugh, now annoys them.  The hobbies you once enjoyed, are no longer interesting.
And it's often frustrating when you realize the shocking truth...
The same things your partner LOVED in Bliss, push them AWAY in Switch!
That's why most people NEVER get their ex back... Even if you show how much you truly care... And it's not because sharing your feelings is bad...
It's because...

When I realized this, it was like a light bulb went off in my head... 
Once your relationship enters a new stage of the breakup, their needs and desires will CHANGE.
That's why the first step and KEY to getting your partner back is to figure out which stage your partner is in.  
Once you figure out the stage, you'll know which 'button' rewinds the relationship.
In other words, you'll know which contact method will work best (i.e. a phone call, a text message, or maybe a written letter) and you'll knowwhat to say to make your partner start missing you again.
Relationship Rewind is not a magic trick.
It's a simple plan you follow, based on the exact stage of your relationship. It's designed for both men and women, and it's compatible with all 4 stages of relationship decay.
...And I'm quite proud that it's the only system that can do this.
To find out what stage your partner is in right now, enter your name and email address in the form below. You'll receive our complimentary 9-Part Relationship Rewind Starter Kit delivered straight to your inbox, just as soon as you click the yellow button:


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