Saturday, 30 January 2016

Let me make one thing clear...
I am by no means a 'professional'.  I don't have a degree in psychology, and I'm not a certified relationship counselor. I haven't spent years with my nose buried in college textbooks.
I'm just an average guy who tried EVERYTHING to get my ex back, who accidentally stumbled into a simple secret something that worked for me, and worked for several of my friends much better than anything else they have ever tried.
And I wish I could tell you it's some kind of magic line you can say to instantly compel your partner to beg their way back into your life. I wish there was a rare breed of flower who's scent was so wonderful they would come crying back into your arms. I wish it was a poem that made your partner fall in love, no matter how long ago you parted ways...
...But unfortunately, life doesn't work exactly the same as it does in the movies.
Yes, it will take some planning, perhaps a date or two... But most importantly, you need to genuinely want your partner back in your life.
The good news is, if you have the dedication I'm talking about, I believe anything is possible.And here's the secret:
What I've discovered is... when a relationship fails -- and I mean EVERY relationship -- it doesn't matter if you're in a 30-year marriage or only had a single week of fleeting romance...All breakups go through the same 4 stages, in the same order, every time.
And here they are:
The 4 Stages Of 'Relationship Decay' 
1. Bliss 
2. The Switch 
3. Drift 
4. Death's Door

Figure 2. The 4 Stages Of Relationship Decay. Every relationship no matter how long or short, when it starts going downhill, it goes through the same 4 stages, in order, every time. I believe the KEY to getting your lover back is to know exactly what stage your relationship is in, right now. IMPORTANT: If your ex is seeing someone else right now it does NOT necessarily mean you're at Death's Door. Many times, it is just a test.


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