Sunday, 22 April 2012

Difference between girlfriend and wife?

Difference between girlfriend and wife?

I was watching a panel of men discuss dating and marriage the other day. One of the men stated that to a lot of men, there is not much difference between a girlfriend and a wife. Obviously, this got my attention because I always believed that men had “limited” loyalty to a girlfriend.

Maybe I am being naive but do some men really think that a girlfriend is equal to a wife? Do you believe that dating boyfriend/girlfriend relationships are comparable to an actual marriage?

What do you think is the difference between a girlfriend and wife or boyfriend or husband?

A New Advice Expert For the Ladies

We like what we hear so far about Dr. Diana Kirschner's new book, Love in 90 Days: The Essential Guide to Finding Your Own True Love. Especially since the article lists four disastrous dating patterns that women fall into.

Let's play a fun challenge and see if we can come up with four corresponding disastrous dating habits in men:

  • The Recluse - It corresponds to the female hermit, but the male doesn't think he'll be better off alone. No, he desperately wants a mate, but is too painfully shy to go talk to anybody. Basically the only chance he gets for a girlfriend is if a female cat burglar breaks into his apartment.

  • The Player - The opposite, this is a man with too much confidence, a copy of "The Art of the Pick-Up" in his pocket, and an ego which needs to constantly be fed with fresh women.

  • The White Knight - Mr. Nice Guy who always ends up in the friendzone. Need we say more?

  • The Unicorn - A roaring bore who can't shut up about how special and unique he is. So much so that he has to examine each woman with a magnifying glass and find her at fault. It's probably for the best anyway.


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