Saturday, 30 January 2016

The first stage that happens when two people really like each other is called Bliss.

The first stage that happens when two people really like each other is called Bliss.  
You know you're in Bliss when you wake up happy every morning, the days seem brighter and food always tastes better.

Figure 3.The first stage of any relationship is called 'Bliss'. It's those 'new love feelings' and the butterflies you feel when you're together.Identifying your moments of Bliss is KEY to triggering the Rewind process.
Bliss can last for any length of time, but it's not the length of time that's important.
Here's what is:
There's one thing that makes Bliss different from all the other stages. In the Bliss stage, you experience something called 'emotional mirroring'.
Emotional mirroring is the phenomenon of transferring emotions back and forth with your partner, and is caused by 'mirror neurons' in the brain.
And here's how it works:
If you move in for a kiss, your partner will kiss you passionately.
And if you know, without a shadow of a doubt your partner is THE ONE, this same feeling will be reflected back to you... And your partner will be yours FOREVER.
In fact, the feelings can be so intense, they will often experience 'bliss blindness'.  That means, your partner will often ignore things that would otherwise be obstacles to the relationship.
For example, your partner will overlook your physical type, the long distance between the two of you, and criticism they hear from family and friends.
If you're a man who is broke or lost his job, she'll tell her friends 'happiness isn't about money!'
If you're a woman who's a little bit emotional, he'll tell people 'she's so sweet and feminine!'
"They say love is blind, but Bliss OWNS THE MIND."
Sounds great right?
Well if you can keep your partner in Bliss, sure...  It's perfect.
But the reality is, a person's chances of keeping their partner in Bliss forever are pretty slim without the right knowledge.
Because sooner or later, you end up doing something (most likely by accident) that causes your partner to QUESTION their feelings for you...


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