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What You Need To Know

  • What You Need To Know
  • Bring up the topic of threesomes by first asking about her fantasies.
  • Make sure you make the threesome about her, not solely about you.
  • If you make it about her, she'll let you indulge in your threesome fantasies.
"Allow her to describe exactly how she likes it, how she would imagine it. "

Whenever I run one of my Communication and Seduction Seminars, somebody in the room always has the following question: “I'm dating somebody steadily, and I want to know how to get her to participate in a threesome.”

Inevitably, the whole room will turn their heads quickly and wonder who the guy is that’s so close to having a threesome. It’s funny -- guys always think that if somebody in the room is wondering how to have a threesome, they also assume that he’s close to getting one. So I always look directly at the guy, and I tell him, “You have to make it her idea. Make it all about her and her desires.”

Threesomes: Make Them About Her

Of course, as men, the threesome is about us. It's the greatest male sexual fantasy in the entire world. Four hands caressing our entire body. Two different women moving on top. Two women going down on you at the same time. There's plenty of things that I'm sure you've thought about, like: How many ways can you have two women screw the hell out of you?

But the reality of the matter is that it won't happen unless you make it about her. In order for a threesome to be really successful, the woman you're with needs to feel that it's her fantasy and that it's about fulfilling her desires, not your desires. So if you want to bring up the conversation, first ask her if she has any fantasies. Ask her what her fantasies are and what things she’s always wanted to try out. If she tells you that she'd always thought about having a threesome, at that moment, you'll want to ask her how she would like it to go down. Allow her to describe exactly how she likes it and how she would imagine it.

When she describes her scenario, it will be tender, it will be sweet and it will be innocent in a lot of ways. Look at her and tell her, “I think that's hot. I'd love to make that happen for you.” Remember, your job is to make it happen for her.

She'll most likely be taken aback. She may say, “Oh, you want to do another woman, huh?” Immediately reply, “It’s not about that. I really want to make all your sexual fantasies come true, and what you described was very beautiful, erotic and sensual.”

Speak To Her Sexual Fantasies

Remember not to use male terminology here. I'm using women terminology, as I’m speaking to her fantasy. Beautiful, erotic and sensual. Say, “I'd love to make your fantasy come true. I’d love to be the spectator. I'll do exactly what you want me to do, and I'll make sure that when you're all hot and full of desire, I won't sleep with anybody but you and I’ll satisfy you just right. I'll just have sex with you, but we'll have a lot of fun doing foreplay, and it will all be about you.”

And then describe to her exactly what you and the woman will do to her. If you make it about her while describing the threesome, she's going to feel safe and secure with you involved. The main reason why so many threesomes die at the conversation level is because so many guys have their own visual and they make it about them. They get too excited, too wound up and they put pressure on her to make it happen. Many men make the mistake of talking about how they want to bang another woman.

Make it about her, and she will allow you to do everything you want to that other woman."

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You don't want to talk to her about how you want to have sex with another woman, because if you play it right, you will be banging the other woman and you will be having a lot of fun (and your girlfriend will get off on allowing it to happen). Forget about your desires to sleep with somebody else and think about how fun it would be to see her sexually aroused beyond belief and how turned on you would get seeing her sexually aroused. Describe to her how great it would be to watch another woman go down on her and make her climax, and how much you can learn from the way another woman goes down on her. Once again, she will feel safe, she will feel secure and she will get really turned on by how attentive and open-minded you are.

It's All About Her

As the day gets closer, make sure you reconfirm that it is all about her. Tell her, “Hey, babe, I am really excited about Friday night. It's going to be so great to watch you, to be able to spoil you sexually. And even though your friend is hot, nothing is hotter than you, and I can't wait to be a part of this amazing pleasure for you.”

I know a lot of you are thinking right now, “I can't act like that. I want to bang this other woman. I want two women going down on me. I want it to be about me.” Make it about her, and she will allow you to do everything you want to that other woman, as long as she is pleased and is getting the attention she needs.

Really, it's the same as it is during foreplay. To get a woman off during foreplay, you really have to give her your attention and make it about her. Once you can master that, a woman is going to do anything for you. So the key here is to make sure that you communicate over and over again that you feel that this experience is about fulfilling her fantasy. I have done this, guys. It works. I have had a couple of incredible threesomes in my life that were all about the woman I was with at the time. Let me tell you something: Each one was an amazing, memorable time for me because I got to do some great things with some beautiful women.


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