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A Good Second Date: Advice for Women

A Good Second Date: Advice for Women

Here is the second part of the article about second dates. Now we would speak about some of the most important tips for women.

You can find Part I here.

Advice for the Women

-Always relax and just be yourself! Yeah, the first dates always makes both the men and the women nervous but you need to smile, relax and enjoy yourself. Believe it or not but that helps the men more relaxed as well.

-You can be interested in what he’s talking about, of course you can, but don’t interrogate him.
Firing off questions one after another might intimidate him to a point, yes women can do that. You need to give him the time needed to express his thoughts and show him that you are infact interested by joining in the conversation at the right times. And please, if you happen to have either a mental or even a physical list of questions you plan on asking all your dates to filter out the men and find the right one ASAP, you need to leave it at home. The dating process is about getting to know someone, not making him apply for a dang job. It WILL scare men away.

-The end of the date has come! Now you need to express just how you felt during that date. This means something like you see on shows with the ‘you know, I had a really great time with you today’ followed by a smile, might even land a kiss, who knows? This lets the guy have a clear signal (which we love) that you be open to a second date and that he did a good job keeping you happy during the date. If you didn’t have a good time don’t lie to him. You wouldn’t want to be lied to I don’t think.

And Here is Advice for Both the Men and the Woman:

-Turn your cell phones off, the ringer anyway. It’s annoying when you take calls during a date, unless you told your date you will be having people check up on you during the date (for safety reasons).
-If you both didn’t agree on it and if it’s not a double date, don’t bring someone that wasn’t expected by your date, such as a friend of relative with you. It’s just stupid.

-And lastly you need to find out what body language on your first date means. Decode if maybe he has a secret agenda or if he’s really into you. Knowledge is power, always.

So with this I hope you cute new couples get along even better! Good luck guys and gals!


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